Doing the work

As your Birth Doula I will work closely with you and your family to prepare you for the transformative event that birth can be. Doing the work to unpack birth programming from your birth stories, previous births (if you have other children)family, friends, media ect to be able to bring you back into your true bodily power and trust.
Doing the work so that when you walk into your Birth space you do so with a positive and calm and trusting heart, mind, and body.

During this time we will form a close bond. I am going to be seeing you are your most naked (emotionally and physically) so a trusting relationship is essential. We will have face to face catchups in your home so that then labour starts, you feel comfortable and relaxed having me in your home. And another children or family members feel comfortable too. This also helps for when I come for Postpartum visits. Being a Birth Doula is my calling and if you are called to work with me please contact me so we can get started. I look forward to being your Doula