Postpartum Connection

As a mum I understand how isolating the first few weeks of Postpartum can feel. And add to that, this situation we are all in with C19 it can make those feelings even more magnetised. 

Lack of sleep, not going out, not having family visit, no new mothers groups to go to and no-one to talk to can make the walls in your house feel very small.

I have decided that I want to do more.

I can offer new mums a chance to sit and chat

Over a Tea or coffee or water (lots of water)

I will come to you, with coffee (you decide) and cake and an open heart and big ears.

To sit with you and just chat.

You can tell me all about your birth story, or what has been going on for you and baby in the last few days/weeks. 

I can offer feeding advice, sleep/settling advice, help with baby wearing.

I can do some laundry or even just watch the baby while you shower or nap.

And the best part is the investment for this is up to you. I will have a chat to you about your situation and we can work out what your can invest comfortably at this time. No judgment, no bias, just connection.

If you feel like this is something you need than please reach out

If you know someone that could really benefit from this than please let me know

I am here for you

You are not alone xx

If you are not in Brisbane and feeling this is something you need then please also reach out. i have capacity to do digital too if you need it