Here for you

A Positive birth looks different to each and every person yet they all have things in common. Preparation, Environment, Support.

As your Birth Doula I will help you and your partner with.....

Preparation - We will delve deeply into your and your partners mindset around birth, to help you unpack what does not serve you. Work through the birthing process - learning how your body works. Look into evidence based information and interventions in the hospital system. Look at care provider options in your area and Prepare an epic birth plan.

Environment - Whether you are having a Home Birth, Birth, Centre or Hospital Birth I will help make the space feel comfortable and familiar using lights, oils, music and anything else you desire from my bag of magic.

Support - Countless studies have shown that having continuity of care during labour and birth can reduce the need for interventions. I will be with you throughout your labour. I'll arrive at your home and support you there until you feel the need to transfer to hospital (if you are) I will be with you following your birth until you are comfortable and relaxed. Showered and fed after your first feeding with your newborn baby. 

Lets get you booked in and start getting to know each other x